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GMS Pty Ltd appears to be another scam company set up to sell dodgy arbitrage trading software that will only cost you money.

If this company is aligned to AIC International, Synergy Financials, LTC Service, S-Connect Systems, Sansar, Epicentre technology, Hayze Technology and a few other complete scam companies then you will get scammed.

Do not deal with these people unless you meet them, check out their office and talk to genuine customers of theirs not the few references they put up on the web.

This company looks like a complete scam and is most likely linked to sacm artists located on the gold coast.

If they scam you it is a waste of time complaining to the ACCC or Consumer Affairs as they know about these people and for some reason allow them to continue scamming people with false advertising, fraudulent websites and blatantly misleading and incorrect brochures.

Monetary Loss: $20000.

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